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Client Examples

Our clients vary in their circumstances, needs and objectives. They can be first or later generation of wealth, entrepreneurs, business professionals or athletes. The common denominator is that each family or individual is committed to taking charge of their financial future. The client stories below illustrate a few situations where we have helped clients.

Selling a Business

A family wanted to know if they should sell the family business – how would they replace the income from this company and how to best manage taxes on the sale.
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Protecting Wealth

An NFL professional football player with high earnings for a limited number of years wanted to know how to grow and protect his wealth for the long term.
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Estate Planning

A family wanted to know how to fairly and tax-efficiently pass its wealth along to the next generation.
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Family Governance & Philanthropy

A family explores balancing philanthropy and providing for future generations.
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Managing Conflict

A family successfully learns how to cope with divisions that often come with wealth and evolving family interests.
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